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We thrive on hearing how elated our clients have become when we have won their cases, reached fair settlements, or commenced or expanded new businesses. We take pride in our eighty percent success rate on trials and appeals and keeping our clients satisfied.


We truly value our clients and their comments on our professionalism and avid advocacy. We welcome any comment, good or bad. It lets us know what we are doing right and what needs to be fixed. We invite you to review the comments below. If you have used our services, please feel free to add your comment.


For Energy, Corporate, Taxation and Contracts:

Ms. Anthony was initially employed by the federal governement, then in private practice, then General Counsel of four energy corporations, then returned to her own lawfirm.

Ms. Anthony provided excellent advice and legal service in areas of litigation, taxation, energy, corporate and contract disputes. I recommend her to every individual and every business that wants superior performance.


- Freddie L Fulson, President and CEO

Nicole Energy Marketing Inc.

For International Business and Taxation:

I utilized Ms. Anthony for my international business endeavors and found her legal tax      

opinion in the international area to be of the highest quality. I would recommend her to all my international colleagues.

- Russ Mahon

For Commercial Trials and Appeals, and Contracts:

Marcelle Rose Anthony always performed the highest quality legal services for myself and my small businesses from contract drafting to litigation and appeals. I would recommend her highly.

- Mehrdad Pourfarhadi

For Corporate and Contracts:

Marcelle assisted me in starting another business by drafting the appropriate corporate documents. I thank Marcelle for all of the legal assistance she has given to myself and my family during the last fifteen years.

- Alise Ghanem


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