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When you as an individual or business are in need of legal representation, your choosing the right lawyer who has your commercial and tax interests in mind can be a challenge. You need to know what you are looking for at affordable rates. You want to choose someone who has an extensive background in a number of areas to handle all your legal requirements, including actions taken by the IRS and starting a new company.   You also want someone who will take the time to fully investigate the case and give you a number of options, all of which are designed to protect your assets or result in a winning judgment. Marcelle Rose Anthony is the respectable lawyer you require. At the Lawfirm of Marcelle Rose Anthony, LLC, our top priority is to exceed your expectations!  Contact us to learn more.

A Lawfirm for all Seasons - Corporate, Tax and Commercial Matters

Our firm offers a number of services to handle any legal matter in Ohio and abroad. We have a legal team with an impressive track record in and out of court. We strive to stay on top of changes in the law as well as tax practices to win cases as well as provide legal expertise for contracts in business and litigation and international matters. Our practice areas are as diverse as our clients, including arbitration, taxation, corporate law, contracts, civil and commercial litigation, both trials and appeals, wills and trusts, and family succession. Whether acting as a lawyer's lawyer or advising an individual or business, Ms. Anthony utilizes her education and legal experience to ascertain the focus of the client and to advise and take legal action in a timely manner. Whether litigation and appeals, or transactional, all commercial, corporate, contract and tax matters are given top priority for an amicable resolution. Please call or email us today to schedule a consultation.

A Lawyer's Lawyer

In many instances, other lawyers seek Miss Anthony's advice, or co-counsel arrangement, particularly for appellate representation. Her unique legal research ability and drafting style are conducive to persuading the judiciary to rule in her client’s favor. Moreover, her willingness to keep other counsel apprised of her strategies, even for oral argument before appellate judicial panels, confirms her respect for her colleagues at the Bar. 

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